The European Project "European Lived Culture Connects"

The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 is a great occasion to reflect on the diversity and richness of Europe's cultural heritage.
Europeans are faced with the task of creating a synergy of cultures, of seeing their own culture as a unique community in the context of other cultures.
"United in diversity" - that is the declared motto of the EU and a guiding principle of this unique community of states.
People in Europe must become more aware of their own values, their traditions, customs and habits and also of the traditions and values of their European fellow citizens. At the same time, this requires also to consider non-european cultures living in Europe and the constant change of cultures in the course of time.

The better the different cultures know each other, the more xenophobia and prejudices against other cultures can be reduced and valuable synergies can be built up. Information and exchange of know how helps in the fight against nationalism and raise respect for other cultures. Cultural Heritage is often the major input and inspiration for the arts, traditional craftsmanship, the cultural, entrepreneurial and creative sectors that are drivers of sustainable economic growth, new job creation and external trade.
The project will be focused on the lived cultural traditions.